Updated May 2022

Chiwiborirak Company Limited and True Digital Group Company Limited (together referred to as "We", “us”, “our”) operates its business, the “MorDee Service” (“Service”) through the MorDee application (“Application”). Thank you for your trust in purchasing our products and services. We are very pleased that you like our products and services that we intend to provide for you to ensure that you have got valuable experiences. Whether you use the Service through the Application or contact our Customer Service center, you are subject to the terms and conditions that must be followed. You are deemed to have accepted the terms set out in this Return and Refund Policy of MorDee service (“Policy”)

Refund and Return

We understand that some of our products and services may not meet your expectations. In this rare case, you must carefully read the following terms:

  • The doctor appointments under our Telemedicine service that has been confirmed and our doctor is unable to provide services by appointment, we would like to give you an apologize by offering a “cash coupon” for the next appointment on our Telemedicine service, at least of equal to value of the appointment and reserves the right not to refund in cash in any reason.
    • 2.1 In case of the product is expired or not received as agreed (such as incomplete items, size does not match the agreement, the product looks significantly different from the specifications that have been notified, etc.) or damaged in the transportation process (such as torn medicine envelopes, broken / broken medicines, etc.). We will please you to notify us immediately with a photo of the damaged product and return it to us. We will be responsible for the return shipping costs and will replace the new product to you as soon as possible.
    • 2.2 Allergy Symptoms, to ensure that your doctor or specialist will provide you with the right medications, vitamins, and supplements. and reduce the risk of drug allergy, you need to cooperate by informing all drug, food or dietary allergy information to our doctor or specialist in detail. However, if you have allergic reactions caused by drugs, vitamins or dietary supplements that you receive from us, which we do not want to happen. You can provide a medical certificate from a doctor in our services or a medical certificate from a hospital in Thailand stating clearly allergic reactions caused by medicines, vitamins or dietary supplements received from us with receipt and bring the said item back to us. We will be responsible for the return shipping costs. and refund you within 15 working days.
  • The Personal Health Consultant service is a special service for you to care you health. This includes charges to our telemedicine, medicines, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and dietary supplements, and other related such as transportation costs, insurance costs, etc. The refund conditions are as specified for each item and service. We will only refund to a bank account only in Thailand where the name of the bank account holder matches the name or information of the payer.

Channel of Contact

You can easily contact the company via email or Line ID: @mordeeapp with details of the problem you encountered together with a copy of the relevant proof of receipt.

Pricing, Price Reductions, and Price Corrections

We reserve the right to change product prices charges at/in the Service at any time and to correct any unintentional price errors, we will notify you of such errors. where you can continue the transaction at the correct price or cancel the order at no cost. You can learn more about pricing and VAT at checkout.

Personal Data Protection

When you have an order, you agree that we can collect, use, and disclose your personal information that appears in the order. You can study more about our Personal Data Protection Policy Notice on our website.